Max and Glenn believe that mobile homes are a proven advantage. People who access the Mobile Vested brand are usually interested for several reasons:

  • They are frustrated by the lack of opportunity in multifamily investing and single-family residential investing
  • They are tired of the expensive price points for other types of investment opportunities
  • They are looking for a track record of proven success to follow
  • They want more choices and available inventory for investing
  • They are looking for a transformational vehicle to help them hit their real estate goals
  • They would like an easier way to get to the same destination
  • They are looking for someone to mentor or guide them
  • They have been trying to invest for some time without success and are looking for results
  • They want passive income and positive cash flow coming in every month
  • They are tired of following people who don’t practice what they teach and want to follow someone who’s investing currently

If any of the above statements sound familiar to you, congratulations, you’re in the right place! There is tremendous opportunities in mobile home investing because most people don’t understand how it works, and that creates opportunities for you. Most of the time, mobile homes are half the price of the comparable single-family residential home, so it’s easier for people to start out in this investment area.

Max and Glenn don’t teach theory. The reason their company is a “proven advantage” is because they have proved it. Unlike most educational companies, Mobile Vested and Glenn and Max are investing in 10+ mobile homes per month, every month.

Glenn and Max provide mentoring to their students so that they can get the support they need as their business grows. How would you like to be mentored by an organization that has done thousands of mobile home deals as an investor?