How To Make Money With Mobile Homes

Mobile Vested was created to serve over 10,000 new and existing mobile home investors across the nation. Our company helps investors use mobile homes and as a vehicle to make money on their first deal or make more money on their next deal. Max Keller and Glenn Stromberg, the founders of Mobile Vested, are eager to share their real estate experience and knowledge from participating in thousands of real estate deals.

Max and Glenn don’t teach theory. The reason their company is a “proven advantage” is because they have proved it. Unlike most educational companies, Mobile Vested and Glenn and Max are investing in 10+ mobile homes per month, every month.

Glenn and Max provide mentoring to their students so that they can get the support they need as their business grows. How would you like to be mentored by an organization that has done thousands of mobile home deals as an investor?

There are many ways to get to financial goals, and we believe that investing in mobile homes is the easiest in the real estate world. If you’ve been trying to invest for some time without success, check us out. We would love to help you.

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