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Mobile Home Investments

Mobile Vested was created to serve over 10,000 new and existing mobile home investors across the nation. Our company helps investors use mobile homes and as a vehicle to make money on their first deal or make more money on their next deal.

40 Years+

experience in mobile homes


current monthly acquisitions

10 Million+

average annual revenue

34 hours

hours of training (and counting!)

Proven Strategies.
Practical Principles.
Future Success.

Max and Glenn don’t teach theory. The reason their company is a “proven advantage” is because they have proved it. Unlike most educational companies, Mobile Vested and Glenn and Max are investing in 10+ mobile homes per month, every month.

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Why mobile homes?

There are tremendous opportunities in mobile home investing because most people don’t understand how it works, and that creates opportunities for you. Most of the time, mobile homes are half the price of a comparable single-family residential home, so it’s easier for people to start out in this investment area.